Common Questions: Logistics and 3PL Services

cost-vs-serviceThere are some common questions from shipping customers in the freight business concerning 3rd Party Logistic companies that do not use their own trucks (also referred to as non-asset based freight brokers). They have concerns that these companies are less efficient, cost more and don’t have full control over the customer’s shipment. Here at Universal Freight & Transportation we get asked those questions as well. Our number one priority is customer service and we are able to provide that by utilizing both options: Our own trucks (asset based freight) as well as other trucks (non-asset based).

With non-asset based freight movement there is a misconception that we won’t have the ability or accessibility to trucks when we need them. This is not true. We have created quality partnerships with numerous other carriers giving us access to literally thousands of trucks. This gives us fantastic versatility and the ability to get your shipment moved fast, efficiently and cost effectively

Cost is also another question of concern with non-asset based freight brokerage. How can we be competitive? By moving freight in large volumes we are able to negotiate a very cost effective rate. In fact, our carrier partners rely on us to help fill their loads with partial loads or back-hauls at reduced rates to keep their trucks from running empty which in the end is also more profitable for them.

Control of the shipment is very important to our customers and another common concern with non-asset based freight brokering. At Universal Freight & Transportation we ensure our carrier partners follow and comply with the same standards, policies, procedures and required performance that we expect from our own trucks and drivers. We monitor the freight from pick up to delivery for the best possible customer service and evaluate the carrier’s performance and compliance on a regular basis.

Whether we use our trucks or one of many of our great carrier partners, the ultimate goal and mission of Universal Freight & Transportation is to provide you with the best possible customer service.

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